Krator N4-21U26B 26 Watts 2.1 CH USB Speakers 3.5mm audio cable iPod,Subwoofer

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Enjoy a quality audio performance without compromise. N4-21U26, a 2-way satellite design with powerful subwoofer, amazes you with its superior sound performance and avant-garde design.

The exclusive aligned audio technology “Ultra-USB 2.1ch” applied on N4-21U26 enhances music with power and clarity. With 1-inch Mylar high-frequency driver and 3-inch full-range driver, N4-21U26 delivers a dynamic sound performance. Subwoofer is featured with 4-inch long-throw driver which delivers explosive bass.  

Easy for best music: plug a 3.5mm audio cable to your MP3, iPod, iPhone and more other audio devices, transmitting audio into & out of N4-21U26. Built-in Volume, Bass, adjustable buttons delivering control at your fingertips. 

N4-21U26 will arouse a splash in speaker industry for its excellence


  • 3-piece USB speaker system presents outstanding sound with 26 watts R.M.S. output

  • Satellites featuring 1-inch Mylar and 3-inch paper cone unit driver provide pure hi and clear midrange

  • A powerful subwoofer featuring 4-inch long-throw unit driver provides rich, powerful bass

  • Streamlined design presents the best fit for your personal space and living room

  • Detachable Satellite and Subwoofer Design makes it easy to carry each unit around 

  • Adjustable Volume, Bass knobs provide maximum convenience

  • Extremely low-noise Hi-Fi circuit design delivers best performance of speaker system

Ultra-USB 2.1 
26 Watts R.M.S. output
A total 26 watts R.M.S. output provides deep bass and precise sound dispersion.  
2-way Satellites : Crystal High and Enchanting Vocals
2-way audio design makes N2-21U26 a perfect sound generator for vocals. 1-inch Mylar driver delivers crystal high frequency ; 3-inch midrange driver  
Explosive deep bass subwoofer
A 4-inch long-throwing subwoofer fires explosive bass with optimum, full-spectrum audio.  
Elegant design and Convenient control in your fingertips
N4-21U26 is designed with detachable cable. No worry over entangled wires. Convenient volume and bass controls are right on the side of the speaker too.  


Power output : 26 Watts RMS output

Input Impedance : 20k ohm

Frequency Response : 40~20Khz

Connector : 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable

Controller : Volume, Bass controller

Satellite Unit Driver : 3 inch paper dome unit driver 1 inch Mylar unit driver

Subwoofer Unit Driver: 4 inch paper dome unit driver

Size of Satellite : 103 x 95 x 180.6 mm

Size of Subwoofer: 181 x 201 x 279 mm

Power Requirement : USB Power cable_5V, 1.6A

Brand New 90Day warranty